Difficult to

Use JomParking® - An app that eases your parking payment in Malaysia. It is a simple, secure and quick way to pay for parking.


‘A click away’ conveniences of the modern street parking transaction that takes just a few seconds


Guaranteed secured payment gives great content and safety that eliminates the need for cash


Smart apps for modern street parking is streamlined with the wide coverage throughout Malaysia

Available Locations

JomParking Main Features

Super easy to use

You can pay the parking fees wherever you are using this app, not to scoop nor to travel through the rain to pay for parking charges.

Save Time
Save Time

JomParking® has a reminder feature which will tell users 15 minutes before parking time expires and can continue adding time without having to go to the vehicle.


This app uses a secure digital payment system that reduces cash usage. Increase the prepaid value of this app completely through in-app ie whether online banking or debit/credit card.


JomParking® in the News

Press and media coverage

8 March 2019
An App That Gets Rid Of 'Jaga Kereta' Parking Pests

JomParking founder and CEO Muhamad Nasir Habizar wants to take the hassle out of paying for parking.

26 Jan 2019
Apps: Making parking hassle-free

When parking meters were in use, you could never find one that was working.

28 Nov 2018
Bayar Parking Secara Mobile

Sejak dua tahun lalu, Zaair telah menggunakan aplikasi JomParking untuk membuat bayaran tersebut.